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What happens when you give for anime fans microphones and false hope? The Shi, an anime podcast covering an array of topics from animes, cosplaying, Ships, and more!


Fabrezzy: An overly enthusiastic fangirl gets her dream! Give her a microphone and she’ll talk about anything that comes to mind. Her favorites happen to be Samurai Champloo, Ouran Host Club, and Yuri!!! On Ice. She loves all the things that go along with anime such as cosplay, conventions, and most importantly SHIPS!!! With her friends by her side and a podcast to host, nothing will stop Febreezy from spreading her love for anime.
“Oh I ship that!

Samie is the podcaster all about Slice of Life, Fantasy, Adventure, and Romance anime shows. She enjoys creating fanart of her favorite anime which includes Black Butler, Say I Love You, Yona of the Dawn, and Yuri On Ice!!! Samie is probably the last of the group to find the joy of anime and manga and now dives into it. Febreezy and Samie are longtime childhood friends and now have great times gossiping and watching anime. Samie is very open to new ideas and is excited to hop on this podcasting train together with the whole Shi Cast!

A self-proclaimed edgelord, Masque is a fan of violent anime such as Deadman Wonderland and Another. Despite this title, he often watches anime such as Toradora and Usagi Drop because – to quote him directly- “ It’s too freakin’ cute”. Masque doesn’t hate any genre of anime, but he does tend to avoid sports anime, as well as most- if not all- suggestions made to him by Fabreezy. Some anime he would happily suggest to others include: Konosuba Watamote, Jojo’s bizarre adventure, Toradora, Gurren Lagann, No game No life, Death Parade, and Hell Girl. He thinks Sebastian and Ciel from Black Butler are terrible people. This is all.


Dantalion, to sum her up in a few words, is small, cute, a little violent, and an avid fan of the sports genre. Kuroko No Basket is her favorite based on the plot, characters, abilities, and because she also happens to play basketball herself. She doesn’t care for slice-of-life or romance anime very much, so she sticks with action and the supernatural.

“I’m not short! I’m just compact and ridiculously adorable~!”

Oof is a person who likes a little bit of everything. He’s big into gaming and live streaming, but he’ll never tell you the name. He seems to really enjoy action and horror anime and loves a good slice of life from time to time. Good luck figuring out his favorite anime. It’s pretty off the wall.



Not mysteriously showed up in the Fanart episode, and still hasn’t left. Not much is known about Not, except that she’s an aspiring cartoonist and is obsessed with anime such as Soul Eater. Seriously, she needs to shut up about that show. Despite what others may think, she is not the “edgy one”, she’d much rather be the strange one. Though Not is like the unneeded side character, she’s apart of the team now, and is mostly welcome.

“I’m not here!” – Not 2k18





Intro for the show is Far Away – MK2  and is designated as Creative Commons from YouTube.

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